Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More love to the world!

My best friend ever…

I could never wished for a better friend then you were to me. You were so sincere. We understood each other just by looking in each other eyes. Even before that, we felt each other. That feeling was so awesome.
We laughed together, we cried together…
You are my soulmate. We definitely met before this lifetime…
I still feel your presence every day. With all the things I do, I keep you with me, my friend. I will NEVER forget you…

Tony-Jones, my FRIEND, my agent, I feel connected with you, strongly! Thank you for your unbelievable support through everything! Your karma is so good! Your aura is shining like a clear star in the sky. Thank you for all the books you gave me. The spiritual talks we have (had) and the wonderful diners! Time to do something in return! ;-) Got mad love for you!

Edward, my business partner, my friend. When we collaborate, we will become even more closer… Thank you for your support and love!

Michael Connex247, my friend, “chief”, the person who believes in me, despite what others say. The person that appreciates me for who I am. I know for sure we met before! I feel the love between us!

Michael my friend, my financial support ;-), the person that gave me a lot of self esteem, in the moment I could use it the most! You are a big support my friend!

Albert, the things you say about me are true. Because of the things you wrote, I am changing. I got something in my head and I can’t put my finger on it, maybe you can… Still trying to get to know you, see where we will bring each other… My feelings about you are very positive. It triggers me… We have met before, I feel that now… I am so curious now…

My special love ;-)
Dizziness, shivers down my spine, weakness in my knees, pounding headache, stomach flipping upside down, heart beating like crazy and stopping at the same time, everything feels so numb, the whole world stops moving, no sound, just the rhythm of the hearts, the smell of roses, being in the 7th heaven, floating on air, breathless, trying to catch some air, wanna hold you tight and never let you go…

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Again, some words from me to the world... ;-)

Think positive, respect everybody...
Last week, I met some incredible people, some of them in The Netherlands, other from all over the world. For example I talked to Albert Clayton, finally over the phone.
In my work, I met Nelson Mandela, Kofi Anan and other people with great karma and there is a light in them that shines birghter then normal people...


Rust in peace my friend, we will meet again! That I still excist is because of you! I live my live to the fullest because of you! Where should I be without meeting you!
I still got MAD LOVE for you my friend!
Think about you every day! Words cannot express the way I feel about you!

And of course my father and mother, I love you till I die! Thank you for all the oppertunities that you created for me!
Soon, very soon, there will be more! Also more pictures! Now I am going to meditate, clear my head and sleep tight... Only positive thoughts in my head!

Live your life to the fullest!


Monday, August 6, 2007

My thoughts about life!

For all the people I love!
And that are 6 billion people, because I love you all, everybody is included!

I just woke up from a dream.... My whole life was a dream, I finally woke up!

I am taking full control now, I am going to blog more! Put my creative mind to its work and creating my own destiny!

Only positive thinks now!

(Money and health!)

I thank everybody for his or her support to me through my life! Every day I read a message from you people, I feel blessed!

Especially the people I love and feel connected to! ( You know it is you!) You make me feel even more special!

I feel so gratefull to talk to people all over the world! From here in The Netherlands to all over the world!


The Secret: Rhonda Byrne
Conversations with God: Neil Donald Walsh
You are not who you think you are: Albert Clayton Gauls