Saturday, September 1, 2007



You have got the power!

Scream peace, Do we mean it?
Can you feel it , when we scream it out loud, do you believe that we need it?
Do you believe it will get right?

We can make some changes together…

Put the ego’s and the pride to the side, regardless,
The world wont get no better, if we wont let it…

I am reading the next book: Signs and wonders from Albert Clayton Gaulden
I wanted you to read the following:

A click is a sound that represents two pieces that belong together or lock together, like a seat belt engaging, or a key turning in a lock.

When two people find they have much in common, they are said to click. It is as if divine Providence had drawn people together for a purpose and they find a magnetic unison.

God knows no odds. He confirms His magical powers every day through extraordinary synchronicities.

This is my explenation about why and how I meet different people in my life now. Be open for it and let it flow...


Live your life to the fullest

A quote:
Be the change you want to see in the world. / Mahatma Gandhi

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